Here’s July 2019 LM Ministry Highlights

This month of July is warm month due to summer heat visiting Los Angeles and surrounding areas. I continued my visits of various Ships coming to our port of LA and Long Beach. On June 27 we visited

a ship named OOCL Luxembourg where we met a Chinese Captain who is a strong believer of Christ. He was so encouraged to see us and we had a nice lunch with him and his officers. We invited him and whole crew to prayer and worship time and they all came and we had a powerful time of praise and worship. We were able to freely give the clear gospel message and invitation to receive Christ.

On July 5 I visited MSC Bettina ship and met with an Indonesian sailor, a Muslim by the name of Muzzamil. As I took him out we had a very interesting talk about political situations in various countries including India, Indonesia and USA. That led us to the question of stability and I turned his attention to Christ and the assurance God provides. He grew very interested and I was able to share Salvation story freely and boldly. He accepted the gospel and gladly received the material and New Testament. Please keep him in your prayers.

On July 11 we visited San Diego Bridge ship where we met with all Indian crew members, introduced myself as chaplain and had lunch with the Captain by the name Krishnen and invited him to join in worship and prayer time which he could not attend because of work pressure and lot of paperwork. Nine of his crew members attended and we had a great time of sharing the Love of Jesus with them.

  I visited Saga Glory and met with New contact, an officer by the name Mr. Sarkar and I took him out to help him with his long list of shopping from back home. We had a wonderful time of sharing our thoughts on various different matters and finally I was able to introduce him to Christ which he gladly accepted as he said he respect “all gods”. I shared the beauty and the uniqueness of Christ with him. He accepted all the gospel material given to him. Lets keep him in our prayers.

   From July 17 to July 19 I had the opportunity to serve an Indian Captain Mr. Manish Sharma and his lovely wife Pratibha and two beautiful daughters age 6 and 9.They were from ship called NYK Orion. I took them all over the city including Disneyland and Pacific Aquarium and all the malls and other local attractions. We had great time of discussion and prayer during our travel. They were very happy to feel home and very comfortable with me in an unknown city. They confessed, they were in good safe hands and were worry free. They gladly accepted Gospel and covets our prayers.

 I met with Chinese and Korean Chaplains and had good time of prayer with them before we dispersed to go visit different ships in Long Beach Port.