August News & Highlights

We have a Story to tell the nations. Hallelujahs !!!
On July 29 I visited a vessel called Cota Perabu and met with Sailors from Myanmar (Burma) and Indonesia, mostly Muslim freinds. Had and interesting dialogue and was able to share Gospel with them, also left New Testaments and Our Daily Breads booklets with them. On July 30 Pastor Lee Sung and myself visited ship called Global Eternity and had prayers with Sailors and we gave them Gospel material. We were gladly welcomed. 
     July 31st Pastor Sung Lee invited me to attend Pacific Seafarers Mission which turned out to be a day of blessings and spiritual uplifting as we met as a Group with the author of the book called, ” Why Only Through Jesus ” a veteran Korean Pastor and college professor Dr. Charles Chichnoon Lee. He shared with us his years of wise experience of sharing Gospel with non-believers in his unique style. Pastor’s daughter who is an English “teacher: in China brought us very novel and fresh perspective of the country China and the life threatening challenges Christians face in China in day to day life.  We were so moved by our young daughter’s story and we offered earnest prayers for her and the country she loves to witness. 
   From August 1 to 3 I served Humber Bridge and Cota Perabu ships and ministered the Sailors on both ships. Our Good old friend Captain Rodney a Goan Christian left Humber Bridge and a new young Bangladeshi Captain Mamun took over, Mr. Mamun a young Muslim man turned our to be very friendly and warm.
  on August 7 Sung Lee and I visited bulk carrier KURENAI and had a very powerful worship and Gospel meeting on the vessel. On 8-8 met with three other chaplains and spend hour and half in Prayers before visiting ship called OOCL LUXEMBOURG where a very special prayer meeting took place, Which was attended by 12 sailora including a Christian, believing Chinese Captain Mr. Wu.  
On August 22 visited Bright Starlite ship but could not enter and conduct a meeting as the Coast Guard were still present on board. 8/23 helped the Seafarers’ center as Pat the lady manager of the center was out of town. Very busy day dropping and Picking up Sailors but also a very rewarding one as I got to talk to so many new faces about our mission of love. 8/29 visited Pastor Lee in his office spent time in prayers and visited ship called,’Star Maria’ and had a prayer meeting which was attended by 8 crew members. They were led to sinners prayer and confession.