Our Mission

Lutheran Maritime Ministry (LMM) serves the crews of the ships docking in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Lutheran Maritime Ministry is geared towards providing transportation and basic communication services for the seafarers and their families in order to experience an improved quality time on land. We make this happen through the dedication and support from our chaplains, volunteers and donations from Churches and individuals like you. 

What We Do

Since 1995, when Lutheran Maritime Ministry was registered, our focus has been on seafarers in providing ship outreach, transportation, phone cards, communication, and spiritual guidance and counseling. 

Lutheran Maritime Ministry is an independent, non-profit,  religious organization run through the ELCA serving the seafarers arriving on our shores. Virginia Sharma was our first chaplain ordained by ELCA on June 21, 1990. Chim Mandalia took over from her. Later he was joined by other intermittent chaplains. Our current chaplain is Samson (Shekhar) Chauhan. Churches across denominations get involved in the ministry and our board members and chaplains get to visit and share with them ministry highlights. Over the years, we have built working relationships within the port communities and with the officers and crews on the ships that visit the ports.

Volunteers and Leadership

Lutheran Maritime Ministry is composed of Board Members, Chaplains and volunteers from different Christian churches in Southern California with a collective passion and dedication in achieving great things in the little known avenue of maritime ministry in Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Our Board consists of Ron Nelson, Janice Saruwatari, Cathe Erickson, Chim Mandalia and Chaplain Sam Chauhan.

Our chaplains Chim Mandalia and Sam Chauhan have helped hundreds of sailors and their families experience God's love and built lasting relationship with many of them.

Lutheran Maritime Ministry is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) religious and humanitarian organization serving the seafarers out of the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. We are registered in the State of California and Fed Tax ID # is EIN 95-4301875. We operate our ministry out of the International Seafarers' Center (ISC). Our planning and events are carried out of individual volunteer's homes, churches, as well as other maritime facilities.

Lutheran Maritime Ministry - Making a Difference


Be part of the Movement. Volunteer, Donate, and join us now in making the world a better place.