Fundraising Events

December 2021

Seafarer's Christmas Gifts

Lutheran Maritime Ministry requests the items listed below for Christmas Gifts for the International Seafarers Center. You can help by donating items from this list.  The seafarers are very grateful for these gifts, and your thoughtful concern for them during the holiday season.

Suggested Items (full size only, no samples)

Body wash, shampoo, shave cream (some brands make a 3-in-one product)

Deodorant, comb, socks,

Tooth paste, toothbrush

Note pads, pens, envelopes

Other Gift Items

Cologne or aftershave

Microwave popcorn, chewing gum,

Deck of cards, cup soup,

Individually wrapped hard candy (no chocolate)


The Seafarers Center would like the gifts by Monday, November 22, 2021.

Delivered/ Addressed to: 120 S. Pico Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802

Questions? Call Janice Saruwatari at 310-497-8218

Winter Caps Needed

The favorite gift that our seafarers receive all year are the wonderful handmade caps knitted by volunteers. If you are knitting this holiday season, consider donating a winter watch cap (no pom pom's please)- cap donations are welcome year round!