New Experience and New Frontiers in October 2019

 Very unusual month, the month of October. We thought winter was finally coming but no, its heat wave going on and It’s very Hot. This month also I encounter new  Sailors from really new frontiers like Turkey and Monte Negro. On 2nd Oct I visited New ship called Texas Trader and served six new Sailor friends from Malaysia and Singapore. Shared Gospel with them and also gave them ride to the Lakewood mall. On 4th I visited One Humber where Capt. Rodney from India was a regular captain, but this time I met with Bangladeshi Captain and Bangladeshi Crew members who are mostly Muslims. Nice and friendly young Muslim captain welcomed me warmly and we had cordial and meaningful discussion about two major religions of the world. Very fruitful time. Later I drove them out to a nearby mall with six crew members. They appreciated our services. I visited a new ship called Express Rome and met with American sailors and had a chance to serve them. I also gave them ride to Pine ave in down town Long Beach. On 7th Oct Pastor Lee Sung and I visited MOL Breeze ship and had a powerful worship and prayer meeting which was attended by six crew members, whom we were able to lead into sinner’s prayer. On 8th I visited Matson ship and took an American Sailor by the name Jenna out and I came to know that he was from Bay area and I asked him does he attend any church in that area. He said no he doesn’t because “God lives in his heart and not in a building”. I told him he was very correct. Later I shared with him the analogy of burning amber in fire place and I asked him if you take one coal out what happens to it. It dies quickly and together it burns for long time. He was discerning young man and got my point. Then we had full gospel discussion which he enjoyed thoroughly. Oct 11 Rev. Roy and I visited three local Lutheran churches but we didn’t have much success as one was sold to Japanese Buddhist worshipers and other two were closed. On Oct 14 we met as board members at Terry Wall’s house and discussed our upcoming 25th LMM anniversary celebration in January 2020.

   On 15th Oct Pastor Lee and I visited Hanover Express and conducted a prayer and Gospel meeting which was attended by 7 crew members who were mostly Filipinos. They enjoyed gospel music and listened very attentively. We were able to lead them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. On 17th Oct I participated in the Memorial service of Late Daniel Oh, a dedicated Chinese chaplain with whom we have visited many ships and shared the Good News with many sailors. It was a time of celebration of a life well lived where Christ was lifted up and glorified. 

    On 18th I called Rev. Larry Becker and invited him to 25th anniversary celebration of LMM. He assured me of his assistance to our ministry. That same evening I had the chance to attend a very powerful house prayer meeting of Good Shepherd Indian Fellowship where our LMM work was also lifted up in intense prayers. Between 18th to 24th Oct we visited 5 different ships and conducted good worship and prayer meetings. We also met Turkish captain and Turkish chief officer on board Jens Oldendorf a German ship. This month we also met an Indonesian christian sailor and a Sri Lankan Christian sailor.

    Wan Hai 805 a Chinese ship did not allow us to conduct a prayer meeting but we were able to share literature with few Malay crew members. A great month of new experience and meeting new frontiers. All Glory to Our Great God Lord Jesus Christ